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We pledge to transparency, accountability, and accurate disclosures

We recognize the investors’ need to seek and obtain accurate and transparent data, to make a clear and constructive investment decision and trust our company with their capital. Hence why we established our Investors Relations Unit to serve them and dedicated this page to provide them with regularly updated information they can easily access, may it be financial records, share price, or performance reports.

Aleid Foods pledges full transparency and accuracy in communication towards its shareholders, investors, partners, and the entire capital market sector, and practices accountability through control systems and governance policies that ensure the integrity of any information disclosed. We are fully committed to achieving sustainable returns to shareholders and partners, and building solid trust with investors.


Detailed qualitative and quantitative information about Aleid Foods Company.


Access to annual financial statements tracking our company’s performance.


Up to date accurate information on Aleid Foods' shares performance to manage investors’ expectations.

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Investor Relations

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