Commercial Value


Committed to quality service, exceptional communication and creativity

Key To Success

In Aleid Foods, we earned our status as a trusted and reliable partner in the Food Distribution industry, with 25+ years of experience, a wide product portfolio of our labels and partner brands, and grand warehouse capabilities, enabling us to reach all the trade channels and provide comprehensive business solutions for it: from Retail Distribution, Co-Ops & Branches, Modern Trade & Traditional Trade, Tamween, Lower Trade and Online, to HORECA and Wholesale Outlets…

We share our partners’ goals and ambitions, therefore we create special trade initiatives to contribute to their growth, and implement strategies to deliver results. We guarantee joint success through specialized professionals with a proven track record. We’re committed to quality service, exceptional communication and creativity. We have digitalized many of our services to improve brand equity and awareness, and help achieve commercial success for our partners in the era of E-business! 


Partners We elevate our values and commitment to become the partner of choice in the food business. In Aleid Foods, partnerships are not just a joint business venture, but a practice of our core values, reliability and responsibility towards our partners. It is built on Transparency, Communication and trust with 25+ years of experience. Our partners entrust us with their business growth, becoming themselves our success pillars!


Team We strive to work with the best of talents, creating a passionate team with exceptional experience, who is goal oriented and enthusiastic for the food industry as we are. We support our employees to take initiatives and contribute to different aspects of the work process, to build a driven and a positive work environment.


Methodology We set an organized plan of 4 Touchpoints to ensure the ultimate success with our business partners. Establishing commercial, pricing, assortment and merchandising policies is our starting point. Next, the sales activation calendar is locked followed with detailed insights and information analysis. Finally, all teams and channels are aligned with transparent communication, in order to achieve a superb market execution!

Success factors

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Special Trade

Logistics & Warehousing

We see the ever-changing market as an opportunity to evolve and rise to the challenges, and we keep up with the pace by continuously developing advanced storage and processing facilities, and expanding our distribution units, to offer our partners excellency in operation and service. We cover 2700 m2 of air-conditioned warehousing space, 500 m2 of chilled space and 500 m2 of frozen space. Our strategic tie-up with leading 3PL Agility provides us with enormous leverage and flexibility for logistics. In alignment with food security initiatives, Aleid Foods is progressing on a large project which includes the development of a 10,000 m2 facility for Packaging & Production. 


Personal Selling

We launch Personal Selling through in-store events, activating promoters in high footfall bringing a “Touch and Feel” experience to customers, and encouraging them to make purchasing decision.


We bring promotion to 360 degrees by aligning personal selling and in-store promotion, focusing on Key SKUs as per our Joint Business Partnership. We create a successful outcome with joint business objectives and goals.


We set up a dedicated Merchandising plan, based on a strong product presence throughout the customers’ journey, and implemented by Visual Merchandising Leaders.

Public Relations

We focus PR efforts on delivering a consistent message about the brand’s product creating an influence on the customer and backing up sales efforts. Shoppers will be alerted about the event and new product across all media options, including retail media, press and social media channels.

How we do it

At Aleid Foods, We want every product to be a success story and we achieve that with joint efforts, the efficiency of operations, and reliability of services. Our time-bound pre-planning is a crucial phase of any product launch, setting up a series of organized activations spanning from personal selling and consistent memorable merchandising, all the way to multichannel marketing and attractive promotions.