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About Aleid Foods

A leading company in the import, trade and distribution of food goods, Aleid Foods Company was established in 1994 with a paid-up share capital exceeding KD 12 million. The Company is listed on Boursa Kuwait under the “Consumer Services” sector since 2018.

Aleid Foods holds a significant share of the local market as it serves the needs of consumers through value offerings and quality products. The Company owes its success to a flexible and vertically-integrated business model that enables it to provide a wide range of solutions for the food industry. With its strong distribution network and logistical setting, Aleid Foods brands are found in every household thanks to a wide distribution in cooperative societies (coops), supermarkets as well as the government-owned “Tamween” supply, small groceries and food catering companies.

Today, the Company remains focused on reinforcing its financial and operational position by growing its market share in Kuwait, expanding to new markets in the Middle East, as well as launching new products and acquiring the distribution rights of regional and international food brands. It aims to cater to changing modern markets by expanding its marketing and distribution, and developing advanced storage and processing facilities.

Aleid Foods launched a transformation strategy aimed at increasing efficiency and digitizing its operations. New manufacturing and packaging business lines will be introduced, supported by the construction of an upcoming new 7,000-square-meter factory for packaging food goods at a production capacity of 5,037 tons annually, in addition to a second factory covering two thousand square meters to produce sugar cubes at a capacity of 31,700 tons annually.

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Throughout the years, Aleid Foods has transformed from a family-owned business to a listed company with a solid financial position and an aim to expand regionally.


Aleid Foods is established as a family-owned business by the Al-Mutairi family for the purpose of importing, selling, packaging and distributing food and consumer goods.


Aleid Foods becomes a Kuwaiti shareholding company in preparation to list on the Kuwait Stock Exchange then (Boursa Kuwait today) and to support future expansion plans.


Aleid Foods lists on the Kuwait Stock Exchange under the “Consumer Services” sector following a successful IPO that was covered within a short period and subscriptions exceeding five million shares, equivalent to 16.6% of the total of 30 million shares.


Aleid Foods starts restructuring to a vertically-integrated business model, introducing new supporting business lines in order to enhance the Company's growth opportunities by acquiring new distribution rights and expanding in the region.


Aleid Foods lists on the Kuwait Stock Exchange under the “Consumer Services” sector following a successful IPO that was covered within a short period and subscriptions exceeding five million shares, equivalent to 16.6% of the total of 30 million shares.


Aleid Foods launches the regional expansion strategy Goals 25 and inaugurates its operations in Dubai and Riyadh.

Our Vision

To be the leaders in providing integrated services in the food sector locally and regionally through a vertical business model with supporting business lines, enabling the Company to pursue a flexible strategy that is customer-centric and contributes with added value to our partners, while offering a wide range of renowned international regional and local food brands.

Our Mission

To work towards a sustainable business model that benefits our society and is committed to the values of transparency, accountability, passion and diversity, all while adhering to the highest standards of quality and our responsibility towards our customers and partners.

Our Purpose

To achieve consistent and sustainable returns for our shareholders through our modern and flexible business model and an operational expertise that enables us to maintain our competitiveness in serving the changing needs of consumers

Our Vision

To be a key player in the regional food industry providing quality products and services that are digitally enabled for continuous growth.

Our Mission

Business Empowerment

Empowering our businesses with entrepreneurial talents, modern tools, and efficient policies to drive initiatives and achieve the company objectives. 

Partner of choice

Nurturing the aspirations of our partners and deploying our competencies to accomplish common goals. 


Integrating values in our brand DNA:

  • Passion and Empathy 
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and drive for development  
  • Transparency and Accountability 

Commitment to
sustainable growth

Transparency and responsibility are the core values of Aleid Foods’ Company, and we’re committed to achieving sustainable returns to shareholders and partners.

Investor Relations

Aleid Foods is committed to transparency towards shareholders, investors, analysts, partners and the capital markets by complying to financial and operational disclosures.

Trading Information

Aleid Foods has always complied to the ethical and professional standards of corporate governance to protect the interests of our community as a whole.