Saudi Company Dazaz Sugar was established in 2004, and within a short period of time since starting the production of sugar, salt and black pepper, it has gained the liking of customers across the GCC. Specialized in Sugar production, Dazaz has introduced distinct products to the market, offering customers a variant range of Sugar shapes and flavors, found in supermarkets, coffee shops, and served in restaurants, hotels and catering companies. With commitment to superior taste and high quality, and the improvement of existing products and always introducing new ones, Dazaz always meets and exceeds customer expectations.

Dazaz Sugar product line is diverse to meet the customer’s needs at every occasion, with a special designed package. Sugar Products are introduced in different shapes and lines, including Sugar Cubes, Sachet and sticks. It has created product lines for various special occasions like the wrapped cubes and VIP sugars, as well as introducing a high quality brown sugar for a healthier option. Other product lines include icing sugars for bakery, brown sugar for bakery, sugar stick for catering and of course the Salt and pepper line.

We are proud of our partnership with Dazaz, as it is a part of our aim to always offer our customers a great tasting experience and a variety of options from products of the same category, accessible and affordable to all!