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August 16, 2022

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Aleid Foods acquires the HealthLand application for health products

To enable its business in the healthy food sector and expand digital marketing for products

Aleid Foods Company announced the signing of a 70% acquisition contract with HealthLand, specialized in healthy, vegan and organic products and supplements, to strengthen its position in the local market, and set plans to expand its product sales, distribution, and marketing traditionally and digitally.

Healthland is renowned as digital pioneer in marketing and selling unique healthy and organic food products through an advanced digital application with a global network of brands offering organic food products and high-quality supplements that attracted a wide range of consumers and which HealthLand further gained their trust by developing its products and services over the course of 5 years and contributed in pushing the trend toward healthy and balanced diets for a better life.

Within this context, Ahmed Al-Sharhan, Founder and General Manager of HealthLand, expressed his happiness regarding the cooperation with Aleid Foods, revealing that this partnership is a result of a plan set in the past year aiming to push for the continuous momentum and growth of HealthLand in the local market, and is based on in-depth studies of the healthy foods and organic products market coupled with precise monitoring of trend and requirements indicators of various consumer segments.

He added that the healthy and organic food market has taken a vital and distinct position in the global food sector, as studies and research have proven that healthy and natural food choices of all kinds and sources is fundamental to public health and preventing diseases associated with major health problems, highlighting that HealthLand’s advanced digital business model qualifies it to achieve leadership in the healthy and organic food sector.

In turn, Aleid Foods Digital Marketing Manager, Faisal Al-Ajmi, described the acquisition of HealthLand as a strategic approach that supports the company’s digital expansion strategy locally and enables it to respond to the requirements of a large and growing segment of consumers seeking a healthy lifestyle, noting that digital marketing is crucial and pivotal in promoting organic and healthy food products and supplements since their popularity has been linked to the increase of internet users and growing awareness on their importance to overall health.

Al-Ajmi added that the acquisition of HealthLand will be followed by the development of a long-term plan to market its products digitally and traditionally, implemented by a dynamic team specialized in marketing healthy and organic products.

The acquisition of HealthLand comes within Aleid Foods main axes for achieving continuous growth locally and regionally, and supports the company’s strategy of investing in national talents and building effective partnerships with young entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises.

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