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“Al-Markaz” new market maker for “Aleid Foods” Share

After the success of its first cooperation with “Tharwa” and its share recording remarkable activity and outstanding performance in the main market in the first quarter of 2021

“Aleid Foods” Company indicated that the stock market announced the registration of Kuwait Financial Center Company “Al-Markaz” as a new market maker for its shares after it increased placing second in the first quarter of 2021, with a rate of 122%.

Mutaib Al-Masoud, Director of Investor Relations at Aleid Foods, explained that this is a qualitative leap primarily towards achieving growth for Aleid Share and supporting its development with deliberate stability, which positively reflects the company’s commitment to its future vision and achieving sustainable growth for its partners and shareholders.

Al-Masoud stressed the importance of the market maker starting by its role in reducing liquidity-related risks and contributing to finding a fair price for the company’s shares. He also praised “Al-Markaz” distinguished position as one of the leading financial institutions in the Middle East and North Africa in asset management and investment banking, with total assets of 988 million Kuwaiti dinars (3.27 billion US dollars) managed as of March 31, 2021.

In turn, Azzam Al-Otaibi, Assistant Director at “Al-Markaz” Shares Department in the Middle East and North Africa, stated that “Al-Markaz” selection of Aleid Share was based on several factors, the most important of which are the distinctive features of its restructuring plan, the clear vision for the company’s future, and its integrated strategy that supports its continuous growth and operations, led by a dynamic team with flexible mechanisms in dealing and interacting with the company’s plans to expand locally and regionally.

Al-Otaibi added that market-making services aim at finding a continuous balance between supply and demand and bridging the gap between the buying and selling prices. “Al-Markaz” provides market-making services using the best systems complying with the best international practices, managed by a team of experts in stock trading operations, to provide the best investment opportunities and solutions matching clients’ requirements.

Al-Masoud concluded by valuing the role of “Tharwa Investment” Company the first market maker for the “Aleid Foods” Share, in activating the company’s share in the stock market, which recorded a remarkable activity and outstanding performance in the main market, stressing its contribution to enhancing trust and constructive transparency with investors, and finally wishing further progress and prosperity for the effective cooperation between the two parties.

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“Aleid Foods” recorded an increase of 52.33% in earnings per share and 23.47% in its total operating income

Its board of directors approved the financial report of the past nine months ending on September 30, 2021

Aleid Foods company Board of Directors approved in its meeting today the financial report of the past nine months ending on September 30 2021, which indicated an increase in the company’s profitability by 52.33%.

The report revealed an increase in the company’s total operating income in the last nine months of the current year by 23.47%, reaching 15,392.563 million dinars, compared to 12,466.375 million dinars of the same period in 2020. The company’s net profit increased by 52.33% amounting to 1,519.689 million dinars, compared to 997.598 thousand dinars in the same period last year. The report indicated that the total private equity of the company’s shareholders increased by 7.88%, reaching 20,413.062 million dinars in the last nine months of the current year, compared to 18,920.382 million dinars in the first nine months of last year.

Aleid Foods company CEO, Eng. Muhammed Al-Mutairi, stated that the company focused in the third quarter of the current year on setting up a clear and accurate work mechanism that lays the foundations for structuring its operations and achieving efficiency

in standard operating procedures keeping pace with its business development. He noted that this was effectively achieved through the establishment of modern specialized branches for the development in the food industries, starting with the Food Supply Center, which will launch its first projects soon, providing high-quality products for gourmets, in addition to the expansion of “Aleid Foods” into new sectors beginning with the HORECA sector, by establishing “Legion Foods”, a specialized company in restaurant services, with the aim of excelling and achieving leadership in the local food sector.

Al-Mutairi added we continue our digitalization journey to enable our business and enhance our projects, relying on digital practices and technologies in marketing, and continuous market studies to meet the emerging and changing requirements quickly and effectively, and maintain a leadership position in the various food sectors.

Al-Mutairi concluded by emphasizing the commitment of “Aleid Foods” to achieving continuous growth and sustainable returns for shareholders and customers, and ensuring that the three axes of the company’s vision remain its main priorities, which are providing healthy food solutions, adopting digitalization in marketing products and services, and finally investing and relying on young national talents, whether through employment or partnership.

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“Legion Foods” is the new subsidiary company of “Aleid Foods” set to develop its business into the HORECA sector

Gad: Legion Foods offer exceptional choices and services bringing excellence to the highly competitive HORECA sector

“Legion Foods” the newest company of “Aleid Foods”, specialized in providing food products and services to the HORECA Sector, aspire to the acquisition of an impressive share in the highly competitive market, with a growing client network of brands, suppliers, and food producers from around the globe.

General Manager at Legion Foods, Mohamed Gad, explained the company’s adoption of a dynamic and flexible business model, led by a team with competencies and clear-vision management and based on continuous studies of the ever-changing and evolving market trends, which allow it to swiftly and seamlessly answer to the specific and seasonal demands of HORECA, restaurants and specialty cuisines by providing the best and finest products. Jad empathized the company’s commitment to quality, diverse options, and food safety as the main priorities for sourcing and selecting the best products and food solutions suitable to keep pace with market trends in order to become a leader in the local food sector.

He ensured that quality, safety, and taste are the solid standards in the company’s work mechanism, to provide the gourmet consumer with an exceptional world-class food experience, in addition that “Legion Foods” is proud of being the trusted food supplier of various franchise chains and local restaurants, due to its commitment to on-time in-full delivery of the best high-quality products while adhering to strict health standards and requirements.

“Legion Foods” offers wide options of meat, poultry, and seafood of exceptional quality complying with international and local standards while maintaining the highest and up-to-date food safety and international regulations in import, storage, and supply.


“Aleid Foods” launched the new Food Supply Center.

Al-Ghanim: A milestone set to meet the clear local market needs and provide an exceptional customer experience

Chef Hamadah: Innovation is the criterion for creating products to meet the
exquisite Kuwaiti gourmet taste.

Aleid Foods Company launched the Food Supply Center, equipped with advanced machines and technical services adopted in world-class modern kitchens, to provide unique and completely new products that the emerging Kuwaiti market aspires to, with the highest quality standards in performance and production, paired with flexible mechanisms for digital marketing.

Abdullah Al-Ghanim, Business Development Manager at “Aleid Foods”, emphasized that the Food Supply Center is a new milestone that is set to meet the clear local market needs for innovative food products and advanced services complying with international quality standards, providing an exceptional customer experience and keeping pace with the continuous development of the digital and traditional processes of production and distribution.

In turn, Zeyad Hamadah, Executive Chef of the Aleid Foods Company, revealed that innovation is the criterion adopted for work in the Food Supply Centerenabling it to achieve a distinguished position in the food sector. Originality is harnessed to create various options of food products and solutions, with a special Kuwaiti flavor, that emulates the world-class of efficiency and quality, and is in harmony with the aspirations and nutritional tendencies of the Kuwaiti exquisite gourmet tasteful needs.

Aleid Food Supply Center is currently working to lunch its first project soon.

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“Aleid Foods” share ranks second in GCC, with an increase of 237% in the first half of this year

In “Argaam” report of the 30 companies with the highest shares in GCC markets:

“Aleid Foods” share is ranked second in GCC among 30 best-performing companies with the highest shares in GCC markets in the first half of 2021 with an increase of 237%.

According to a report published on the “Argaam” platform about GCC markets performance in the first half of 2021, all Gulf market indices showed an increase at varying rates in the same period, and the Kuwait market came in third place with an increase of 15%. The same report revealed that “Aleid Foods” share ranked second in GCC among 30 best-performing companies, in which 15 Kuwaiti companies came in different ranks.

Aleid Foods CEO, Eng. Mohammad Al-Mutairi, expressed his delight with the qualitative excellence achieved by Aleid’s share in the first half of this year, praising the shareholders’ trust and the efforts of the company’s dynamic team, which contributed to the progress of achieving Aleid vision and supporting its continuous growth.

He added, the remarkable increase of Aleid share is due to the outstanding performance of its operations which contributed to the business development, and the focus of everyone at Aleid Foods, from the CEO to the newest member of the team, on achieving the company’s vision through three axes: firstly finding and offering healthy food solutions. Secondly, adopting digitalization and technology in marketing products and services, and finally investing and relying on young leaders, especially national ones, through employment or partnership.

He concluded by emphasizing that “Aleid Foods” Company is seeking leadership in the food sector at the local, regional and international levels, through consistent and accurate implementation plans, positively reflecting on its performance in the market.

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Aleid Foods shareholders approve 5% cash dividends and 20% bonus shares for year ended December 31, 2020

During Aleid Foods’ Annual General Meeting (AGM) held today, shareholders approved the distribution of cash dividend of 5% of the nominal share price in addition to 20% bonus shares for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2020. Dividend will be distributed to shareholders registered in the Company’s register.

The AGM also approved the Board’s proposal to deduct 10% of earnings and place it in its voluntary reserve, in addition to another 10% in its statutory reserve.

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