Nectaflor is family owned company established in 1958, offering 100% natural treats made in Biel Switzerland, combining the feel of Luxury with the sense of well being and healthy living. The company which supports fair trade, sustainable bee farming and the environment, is committed to produce highest quality products ensuring customer satisfaction is always above all. Nectaflor also uses recyclable materials for its packaging, reducing any environmental impact while keeping its products fresh and protected.

Nectaflor specializes in all-natural authentic and organic honey and offer a great selection of its top-quality varieties, alongside a different selection of syrups and specially made dried fruits

Nectaflor offers a honey line that includes 8 different and distinct Honey Products. Syrup Line is made of authentic fruit and plant concentrates, and its line of Soft Fruits is soft fruits are originally made of gently rehydrated dry fruits that tastes like fresh fruits.

Through our partnership with Nectaflo, we share the values of a family owned business constantly growing and aiming to give its customer only the ultimate experience. We support the brand commitment and vision for sustainability, top quality natural products and fair trade.