Gad: Legion Foods offer exceptional choices and services bringing excellence to the highly competitive HORECA sector

“Legion Foods” the newest company of “Aleid Foods”, specialized in providing food products and services to the HORECA Sector, aspire to the acquisition of an impressive share in the highly competitive market, with a growing client network of brands, suppliers, and food producers from around the globe.

General Manager at Legion Foods, Mohamed Gad, explained the company’s adoption of a dynamic and flexible business model, led by a team with competencies and clear-vision management and based on continuous studies of the ever-changing and evolving market trends, which allow it to swiftly and seamlessly answer to the specific and seasonal demands of HORECA, restaurants and specialty cuisines by providing the best and finest products. Jad empathized the company’s commitment to quality, diverse options, and food safety as the main priorities for sourcing and selecting the best products and food solutions suitable to keep pace with market trends in order to become a leader in the local food sector.

He ensured that quality, safety, and taste are the solid standards in the company’s work mechanism, to provide the gourmet consumer with an exceptional world-class food experience, in addition that “Legion Foods” is proud of being the trusted food supplier of various franchise chains and local restaurants, due to its commitment to on-time in-full delivery of the best high-quality products while adhering to strict health standards and requirements.

“Legion Foods” offers wide options of meat, poultry, and seafood of exceptional quality complying with international and local standards while maintaining the highest and up-to-date food safety and international regulations in import, storage, and supply.